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Religious Travel

Being a Christian takes work. When I read Purpose Driven Life I knew then that God expects me to reach out and actively pursue to reach to other Christians. Encouraging others helps me to go deeper into my own understanding of spirituality. I have now taken a step to reach pastors, priests, music pastors, small groups that fellowship together. What better way to connect than to do it on a Pilgrimage to Greece or Rome and beyond. I will be waiting for your call to sit and show you how we can help you to reach your fellow Christians for travel.

I know that being a Christian that God expects much more of me and my company. In trying to obey, I am going to actively pursue Religious Travel. I would like to reach pastors, priests, small groups at churches, and Christian friends that like to travel together. We really need to be searching, and make journey's to deepen our own spirituality. I would be happy to show you many of the trips that are available to all denominations of faith.